Welcome to Maggie's Munchies!!

Welcome to Maggie's Munchies! It is our mission to provide delicious and healthy treats for dogs. What makes us different? Our treats are hand crafted with high quality ingredients, we put love and care into every treat we make.  Maggie's Munchies offer's various treats to promote good diet wellness for the youngster puppy to the "old friend" your dog has become.  

Our treats are freshly baked, free of preservatives, artificial flavorings or coloring's. Each year we develop a new treat to accommodate your dog's changing needs.

Our Dog chews are 100% chemical and hormone free. We never settle for imported products. All chews are locally sourced and produced with in the United States. For those aggressive chewers, we have Wisconsin based Elk Antlers in a variety of sizes. Full of rich minerals and marrow, antlers are a great treat for those who love to chew!

Thank you from the staff of Maggie's Munchies!